Our Core Group: (Those We Expand/Contract With Not Pictured)

What makes us different?


We are refugees of elite BigLaw litigation practices. (We know the games our adversaries play).


We are skilled trial lawyers, not afraid to go to the mat. (Happy to settle if it's in your best interest, but unlike lots of "litigators", we actually have trial experience – lots, in fact, and love the thrill of the courtroom.)


We are entrepreneurs at our core; architects of the New Normal. (The old model was broke. We're fixing it).


We believe a fixed fee is a fixed fee, not a starting point for a budget. (We hear you -- budget certainty is paramount).


We believe in collaboration and hold the TEAM rather than the individual sacrosanct. (Lawyers with small(ish) egos. Stunning. Imagine how low our ceilings can be!)


We love technology and efficiency. (Part lawyers, part geeks. All part of what clients need today).


We staff like an accordion. We expand & contract (literally) so our clients don't pay unnecessary overhead. But don't underestimate our mighty core group. Smaller = More Nimble. Ask Goliath.  


We take our work very seriously – ourselves, not so much. ('Nuff said.)