Don't Litigate By Fear

If you are selecting your litigators out of fear, don’t use Valorem.  Try Kirkland, McDermott or any other BigLaw firm so when your CEO or Board of Directors asks about the result you got,  you can point to that firm’s letterhead and feel relief -- at least until the bill arrives.

But if you believe the old way has failed, that your litigators should be helping you solve problems, and the relationship shouldn’t be measured in 6 minute increments, welcome to Valorem. Valorem (meaning “value” in Latin) was formed in January 2008 by BigLaw refugees. We built Valorem by listening to what clients wanted --  budget certainty,  collaboration, unbundling of services, diversity, use of technology, project and process management, and skin in the game.    Because we listened, we provide clients with elite litigation representation based on alternative fee arrangements using many of the same tools our clients use in running their business.  Like our clients, we’ve created a firm  where quality and cost efficiency are mutual goals, not adversaries.  Every day we look for ways to improve what we do so you can improve what you do.

If you are content with lawyers who boil the ocean to make a cup of tea, we’re the wrong firm. But if you embrace the New Normal, want lawyers who challenge the status quo, and want to cut your outside counsel legal spend without sacrificing quality, you’re in the right place. Want to make sure? Talk to us. You’ll know.