What We Do

What We Do

What Do We Do? (Good Question)

We are acknowledged national thought leaders on the use of alternative fees in litigation.  We have been litigating cases successfully since 2008 under the AFA model we designed.  Now, nearly every law firm we know claims to be using alternative fee arrangements for litigation, but beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. For us, a fixed fee is actually fixed – not just a starting point for later increases. And we don’t boil the ocean to make a cup of tea. Every move we make on a case is geared toward achieving your goals -- the ones we identified together at the onset of the matter.  

The alterntive fee arrangements we craft are customized (more hip people say “bespoke”) to ensure alignment of our interests and incentives with your business objectives on each matter or portfolios of matters. We litigate in a wide variety of areas, but our core areas are listed below.  Cllick here to see a list of some representative cases that we've handled under various types of fee arrangements and here for a list of representative clients. Oh, and we are equal opportunity litigators – we handle cases on the plaintiff and defendant side (but, ahem, so far, not both at the same time). Because we are small(er), we rarely have conflicts that prevents us from taking on a matter. We also do not shy away from suing the government, or where warranted, other law firms. And we love taking on Goliaths.

Types of Matters We Typically Handle (but, in lawyer-speak, this list is "non-exhaustive"):

  • Breach of Contract (typically complex disputes including general business agreements, vendor, supply, distributorship, strategic partnership, real-estate, employment, environmental, acquisition and partnership agreements)
  • Fraud and internal investigations and related litigation, including breach of fiduciary duty, white collar crime, qui tam actions, conversion and common law fraud
  • Unfair competition, defamation, deceptive business practices
  • Legacy liability disputes, including litigation of indemnification obligations
  • Product liability and mass tort actions, including serving as National Coordinating Counsel for clients in this regard, and environmental litigation
  • Copyright, trademark and trade secret litigation
  • Civil rights litigation