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We love learning, but we also love teaching. Valorem has created three Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs (descriptions and PowerPoint excerpts are below). If any of these topics resonate with you, let us know. We'd be happy to come to your office to present (each one is 1 hour) and we can also tailor the programs to your business. For more information on scheduling a CLE program, contact Hank Turner at 312-676-5473.

Personal Devices at Work? Are You Ready for the Discovery Issues? Do your employees use personal devices for work? Does your company store its information in the cloud?  Work-related on personal devices and in the cloud may need to be preserved and disclosed in litigation.  It also raises unique issues (like those pesky text messages).  This one-hour CLE will help guide in-house counsel through the issues, providing best practices and templates for BYOD (bring-your-own device) policies. Personal Devices PowerPoint.

Litigation Holds and How to Keep Doing Business With One In Place:  So, your company has been sued?  No need to fear – and no need to stop your business!  A key word in the federal courts: proportionality.  This one-hour CLE discusses the appropriately tailored “litigation hold” – one that preserves relevant material and allows the company to carry on.  The importance of proportionality continues through discovery, and allows the company to protect privileged material effectively and efficiently – i.e., without blowing the bank.  Litigation Holds PowerPoint.

Alternative Fees. Are They Ethical?  Alternative fee arrangements can be important tools in the battle to “do more with less.”  Alternative fee arrangements also promote a key purpose of the ethical rules – aligning client’s and their outside counsel’s interests.  This one-hour CLE details what is and is not an alternative fee arrangement (hint, hint – any fee based on time is NOT an alternative fee).  The CLE also explores issues in-house counsel should consider when entering into alternative fee arrangements.  This CLE also touches on the interplay between fee-shifting statutes and alternative fee arrangements. Alternative Fees PowerPoint.

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Below are links to some articles we've written, as well as Valorem's Holiday Letter To Clients which is quite different than the letter that most law firms send their clients at the end of the year. 

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