We are all about collaboration. We have a “Collaboration Room” (comfy chairs and toys we can throw at one another to spark creativity) and frequent “Collab-o-storms” with the entire firm, not always just attorneys. Here’s why. Our lawyers and staff are all highly skilled and creative in their own right, but imagine what can be accomplished when we bring all of those collective skills, perspectives and backgrounds to bear on your particular case or issue. 

Under the billable hour method, few clients will voluntarily pay for several lawyers to work together (especially if they are senior lawyers), fearing such unrestrained collaboration will result in a bill close to the annual gross national product of a small country.

But ask yourself this, would we have the airplane today if there was only one Wright Brother? Would you hum a tune or see a show by Gilbert without Sullivan? Would our country be the same if Thomas Jefferson had drafted the Declaration of Independence without the input of any other members of the appointed Committee of Five, like John Adams or Benjamin Franklin? 

Does Collaboration Benefit you? We structure our fees so they are tied to achieving your objectives. That creates an incentive for us to do things the best way—and that means collaboratively. We’re economically motivated. And when you use an alternative fee, not an hourly one, you face no economic risk from our collaboration. But the biggest safeguard of your well-being and our integrity is our Value Adjustment Line. If you don’t think what we achieve by collaborating provides value to you, you can always adjust your bill.

We play well in the sandbox with your other service providers. Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond the walls of our office. As team players, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate and work with your in-house lawyers, other law firms, service providers, consultants or customers. Your team is our team, regardless of our role.