How To Contact Us

How Can You Reach Us? Let Us Count the Ways.... 

We count at  least 6 ways - phone, email, fax (so 1990's) Twitter, LinkedIn, carrier pigeon (very economical if you don't mind the mess).

Our addresses is:

Valorem Law Group                              
218 N. Jefferson Street
Suite 300  
Chicago, IL 60661                               
(312) 676-5460                                

Our v-cards and direct phone numbers are on the “Who Are We" page.  Our main phone numbers are 312-676-5460.  We encourage you to pick up the phone and call us.

And, depending on where your company is located, we may just load up the Valorem Van and head out to meet you. (No, we don’t really have one. We just love photoshop. Take it easy.)