General Commercial Litigation

We believe that the test of a true litigator is the ability to take a case – no matter how complex and no matter what the subject matter is -- and make it simple so that a jury or judge can easily understand it. We recruited the attorneys who make up the Valorem team so we would have a broad breadth of diverse experience that we can draw upon for our clients. 

General Commercial Litigation:  The majority of litigation that we handle falls within the category of “general commercial litigation.”  This includes breach of contract cases, fraud-related cases and then everything else in between.  Our contract cases span the spectrum of business disputes from legacy liability issues, distributor, vendor, business-to-business disputes, employment to real estate disputes and so much more.  There is no subject matter area of a contract that we are not comfortable handling.

We also routinely litigate cases where fraud or misrepresentation is alleged, (we have extensive experience litigating breach of fiduciary duty cases and representing minority shareholders) and often where a fair amount of investigation, analysis (and sleuthing) is needed to get to the bottom of what happened and who is liable.  This dovetails well with our white collar crime & investigations practice

And then there are all the cases that impact our clients on a daily basis.  Unfair competition, trade secrets, defamation, indemnity, estate litigation, employment litigation and whistleblower litigation are just a few.

Second Opinions and Trial Only Matters:  We also handle "second opinions" and are hired solely to take a case to trial when it appears that is imminent and current counsel is not best-suited for the courtroom. Or we are asked to vet trial counsel and trial strategy in a "second opinion" type manner. A small expenditure given the value it provides.

Pre-Litigation Disputes: We also recognize that for companies in the public eye, handling matters at the pre-litigation stage is key. We handle matters that have risen to the level of a “dispute” even though that often means that no lawsuit has yet been filed.  For many clients, we have a small fixed retainer that covers all of their pre-litigation work each month. (Very timely -- see the topic below).

Retainer matters: We also handle on a retainer basis such things like responding to all third-party subpoenas for clients or responding to or sending out cease and desist letters so our clients don’t need their in-house lawyers to spend valuable time on these low-value matters.  We also provide "general litigation advice" on a retainer basis which covers any work or advice on matters that have not yet risen to the level of a lawsuit.  

We handle commercial litigation cases using a variety of fee arrangements, including fixed and flat fees with bonuses, partial contingencies, etc. Click here for a list of examples of representative cases using various fee arrangements. Our abilities and experience run a wide gamut, but unlike some firms, we will not pretend we have experience in areas we don’t. We want to be your first call always, so we will be the first to tell you if we are not the right firm for a matter, and if that is the case, we will help you find the firm that is.