General Litigation Case Study 3


A well known online search company.


The client was in a long-standing exclusive contract with an entity much bigger than our client but that was also stifling the client's ability to grow its business. The opposing company, using one of the nation's largest law firms, instituted arbitration and began taking extensive discovery in an effort to bury the client. It hired two expensive experts (one who billed at $795/hour) and extended deadlines and increased costs by producing multiple supplements to the expert reports. Partway through the arbitration (supposed to be completed within 60 days but ultimately resolved after more than a year and a half), the opposing party brought a TRO in state court relating to another issue.


We entered into a monthly fixed fee arrangement with a discretionary bonus component. We staffed the case with one partner and one associate  and collaborated extensively (compared to an expansive team of outside and inside counsel for the opposing side.)  We opted not to hire opposing experts since we thought there was no credence to their claims.


We tried the case for several days in New York with multiple additional briefs, closing arguments and a lengthy audit process in the ensuing months.  We defeated the TRO, won the first portion of the arbitration and then fashioned a very favorable resolution which resolved all litigation and eliminated certain onerous terms of their previous contractual arrangement.  The client, pleased with the result, paid us a very generous bonus.