Legal Second Opinions


When something as important as your health is at risk, do you just accept at face value the doctor's opinion that  you need a lobotomy?  No. You seek a second opinion without thinking twice about it.  Valorem is the only law firm in America (the universe, probably) that allows clients to employ the same strategy to ensure their litigation health. This makes sense, since the side-effects of a case going badly can have even worse ramifications than a bad knee replacement.

This recent article in the Illinois State Bar Journal explains it perfectly.  

How Does A Second Opinion Work? It's easy. If you have a discrete issue -- should we file this lawsuit; is our current strategy on track; are our current lawyers being forthcoming about our chance for success; should we appeal this ruling; how can we increase our chances of winning with this summary judgment brief, our law firm is telling us x about the case, can you give us a second opinion; are there alternative strategies to achieve this result; should we settle for this amount -- in a very short time frame and for a fixed fee, we give you an objective second opinion. 

Whether you want to be doubly sure the litigation strategy you are employing is the right one, or you answer to shareholders or a Board of Directors who want to know that your company's litigation is on the right track, a second opinion is a cost-effective way to go.  

We are discreet (the work is covered by privilege). You can choose to let the law firm handling the matter know we are conducting a second opinion, or you may choose not to.  It's important to note that our goal is not to take over the litigation. It's to give you objective advice. Rest assured, we play well with others, including  the current law firm that is handling the litigation we are reviewing.

Interested in a Legal Second Opinion? Contact Our Second Opinion Resident (she's always on call).
All major insurance accepted. (Oh. Insurance is a bad subject?)

Nicole Nehama Auerbach
Founding Member, Valorem