Lunch With a Cool Person

Cool people like to surround themselves with other cool people. So we started having "Lunch with a Cool Person." It's an informal session over lunch in our Bored Room where the guest of honor is asked questions (okay, grilled politely) about various aspects of their cool being.

Because we always like to take what we learn and apply it to what we are doing for our clients, we talk about client service or other aspects of the Cool Person's life/job/world that will apply to the client service we provide or to our particular cases. Cool, huh?

Think you are cool enough for us?

If you think you are cool enough to make the "featured guest list" then give us a (virtual) holler. Email the Gatekeeper for Lunch With a Cool Person. But we warn you...our coolness bar is a high one. Amateurs need not apply.

Some Featured Cool Guests:

Luke Saunders - Creator of Farmer's Fridge - a cool new vending concept that will take over the country soon.

Scott M. Curran – General Counsel of the Clinton Foundation.

Sam Yagan - Founder & CEO of; Co-Founder, Excelerate Labs (Chicago).

Andrew Mason – Founder and former CEO of Groupon.

Michael Slaby - Chief Technology Strategist - Tomorrow Ventures; former Chief Technology Officer for the Obama Campaign.

Mike Gamson - VP of Corporate Solutions for LinkedIn.

Michael Orlove (starting to wonder if being named "Michael" is a pre-requisite to being a cool person?) - Senior Programs Direct for the Department of Cultural Affairs. ** Special shout-out because he brought us gifts and did a trivia quiz. Way cool!

Ben Lando - Founder and Iraqi Bureau Chief of Iraq Oil Report

Gini Dietrich - Founder & CEO of Arment Dietrich, Inc, a hip firm that uses non-traditional marketing in a digital world.

Nancy Loeb - Director of Northwestern Law School's Environmental Law Clinic

Mark Hermann - Head of Litigation, Aon Corporation

Jordan Williams - Senior counsel - Litigation, NiSource, Inc.