Novus Law

Valorem’s Strategic Alliance with Novus Law

In litigation,  one of the most significant expenses is document review.  Not the capturing and electronic distilling of documents from company databases, but the review to determine relevance, privilege, key issues, witness relevance, and so forth.  However small the mountain of documents is, it eventually must be reviewed.  And because the majority of cases don’t settle before this task must be done, it is a cost factor in every case.

We realized early on that Valorem did not add value to this particular process.  Large firms use their armies of young, inexperienced associates at very high rates precisely because they have armies of associates available who charged very high rates.  Connecting with Novus Law proved invaluable for us and for our clients because that is how we found the right way to review documents—better, faster and cheaper.  The sophistication of the review process, design and quality control is extraordinary.  

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Novus reviews documents once, and accomplishes in that one review what it takes most others several stages to accomplish.  Time to knowledge is reduced to days or weeks instead of months.  The story told by the documents, critical in this day of electronic communication, is revealed quickly.  Documents reviewed once need not be reviewed again—not even in later litigation.  All the work that Novus does is completed hand-in-hand with our attorneys so we are driving any strategic decisions as the review process is in play, and we have real-time access to what they are doing throughout the entire process. The efficiencies and value gained are extraordinary.

Working with Novus allows us to drive down the cost of reviewing our client’s documents as well as our adversary’s.  That’s why we consider them a strategic partner of Valorem.

Novus is not a company designed by lawyers.  It is an enterprise designed by a team with extensive experience designing outsourcing services and measuring performance.  Check them out.