Valorem's Advisory Board

Even trail-blazers and dragon slayers benefit from the wisdom of sage advisors.

We created an all-star Advisory Board comprised of current and former inside counsel, advisors to the legal industry, academics and business leaders. Our current members are:

  • Cynthia Photos Abbott, Senior Litigation Counsel, Motorola Mobility, Inc.

  • David Graham, Assistant General Counsel, DSW Inc.

  • Susan Gallagher, Chief Operating Office, Patina Solutions

  • Karen Klein, General Counsel, HotelTonight

  • Paul Lippe, Chief Executive Officer, Legal On Ramp

  • William Henderson, Professor of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow;
    Director, Center on the Global Legal Profession - University of Indiana, Maurer School of Law

  • Gerry Riskin, co-founder of Edge International, consultant to law firms worldwide

  • Debra Snider, author, speaker, and former General Counsel of Heller Financial