Strategic Alliances That Provide Value

For each step in the litigation process, we ask the question, “who provides the best quality for the lowest price for this given task?”  For some matters, it is not us, but we believe you are entitled to a firm that brings you the best, value-driven team.  So we have created strategic alliances in critical areas, particularly the areas many clients see as black holes, e-discovery and document review.  You’ll find our strategic partners to be extraordinary value adds—that’s why we work with them...and highlight them here. 

  • NOVUS LAW (“The measure of certainty” in document review) - we cannot sing the praises of Novus Law and its founders, Ray Bayley and Lois Haubold enough. We believe that Novus Law is a revolutionary company that is changing the way clients review and analyze documents today. They are true game-changers in litigation,and that's why we recommend them to all of our clients (and, frankly, anyone who will listen).