What About You?

What We Do

If we haven't exceeded our clients’ wildest dreams today,
someone else will tomorrow.

~ So says a sign in our office

It is, after all, about YOU.  As service providers, we are keenly aware that you, as the client, can always choose someone else besides Valorem.  We make it a point, every day, to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Because it's about you, we are transparent about how we work. And we like to share.

On the left, there is a menu of some things that may be of value to you.  They range from sample checklists to FAQ's on alternative fees, from slide decks used in speaking engagements to sample alternative fee engagement letters to descriptions of the relationships we’ve created with important vendors.  Use them as you see fit in your business. And feel free to give us feedback. We are always trying to improve. Always.