What's So Revolutionary?

What is So Revolutionary?

We think everything, but you decide. Start with who we are and what we’ve built.  Not a group of lawyers leaving one institution to form another. Rather, a collection of trial attorneys from different firms and diverse backgrounds who shared an abiding belief that client service means everything.

What We’ve Built:

A firm where we focus on the values important to you, not hours.

We aren't shy about our dislike of the billable hour.  We too could move re—a—ll-y  sl-owww-ly if we wanted to, but that’s not good for you or your company. When you pay your lawyers for the time it takes them to do something, you get what you pay for – hours. In the meantime, you deter innovation and efficiency and incentivize complexity and redundancy.  Every case and every client is different. That’s why we customize our non-hourly fee arrangements at the beginning to make sure our fee is tied to achieving your end goal.

A firm with skilled trial lawyers focused only on your goals.

We know litigation is not a welcome environment for businesses. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, you are probably in litigation because other solutions failed.  While most litigators follow the same routine in every case, we believe in tying strategy to the goals you want to achieve.  If early resolution is your goal, we drive all preliminary action to meet it.  If the case is one of principal you cannot settle, we hone in on trial – a forum we love.  “What difference does “it” make to the desired outcome?” is the abiding question we ask.  Our experience tells us it doesn’t take 20 depositions to flesh out the key testimony.  Nor does it take 14 discovery motions.  Instead, it takes trial lawyers focused on your goals.

A firm where collaboration reigns free. 

When you engage a traditional firm, you get the pyramid approach.  A senior partner at the top, and a bunch of less experienced lawyers handling the vast majority of your work at the bottom.  We’ve turned the pyramid upside-down.  The collective wisdom of our experienced attorneys working together helps us achieve the best possible result.  And since we don’t bill by the hour, you won’t freak out when you see a bunch of senior lawyers all weighing in on your matter at the same time.  Instead, perhaps, you’ll celebrate. 

A firm where getting your next piece of business is our goal. 

Transparency is important, and that’s why we are up front about standing behind our work.  Every invoice contains a “value adjustment line.” We are also quite open about the fact that we’d much rather get repeat work than have to land one-off clients at every turn.  Our desire for work from you provides comfort we’ll do whatever necessary to ensure your satisfaction with the work we are handling for you now.